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Ursula Maria Mayer receives the Female Digital Innovator Award 2020 !!

Ursula Maria Mayer, founder & CEO of Sciform, receives the Female Digital Innovator Award 2020 for being able to combine deep tech skills, ethical expertise as well as business know-how in her consulting approach to help Sciform's customers to build AI solutions responsibly!
Thanks a lot to FEMtrepreneurs for this important recognition!

Sciform wins 20000 EUR in the Arctur HPC Challenge 2018 !!

We are very happy to announce that we won HPC computing resources for 20 000 EUR in the Arctur HPC challenge 2018 for our project "Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion-Flow Systems for Mesoscopic Medical Device Design and Drug Design".
Thermal and finite-size fluctuations profoundly affect flow, transport and reaction-diffusion processes on the mesoscopic scale. An accurate description and simulation of these processes including random fluctuations are essential for nano-/microfluidic device and drug design.
The partial differential equations (PDEs), which describe macroscopic continuum processes, can be extended by stochastic terms to incorporate thermal and finite-size fluctuations. The resulting stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) are then valid on a scale of several nanometers. In macroscopic domains, the stochastic terms decrease to zero and allow for a seamless transition from the mesoscopic to the macroscopic regime.
We developed a novel finite element method for this particular class of SPDEs, which we implemented for stochastic reaction-diffusion-flow systems in a highly scalable MPI+GPU parallelized software suite.
These simulations are highly relevant for customers from the nano-/microfluidic device industry to determine very accurately optimal channel geometries, optimal initial concentrations of substances, optimal placement of boundary substrates or optimal system parameters dependent on whether the device is used e.g. for diagnostics or drug development. The same stochastic reaction-diffusion-flow systems can be also applied to simulate drug development processes in the pharmaceutical industry.
HPC challenge Arctur, Sciform