Our Consulting Services for Investors & Board Members - How Would You like Us to Support You ?

We assess a project, product or business ideas based on Artificial Intelligence or Quantum Computing. to help you make sure that your time and financial investment is well spent.

We evaluate the tech competencies of your start-up and find team or board members with the required tech background for your start-up.

You and your start-up have a great AI business idea, but no prototype yet? We develop AI algorithms or optimize them for your specific use case and create a prototype. We have a particular expertise in eXplainable AI systems, which deliver human-understandable decisions.

Your start-up has an AI or QC prototype but not yet the skill set to scale it? We accelerate or parallelize your AI or QC software based on the latest techniques or deploy it in production at scale.

We build full end-to-end AI and QC solutions together with our tech partners.

You would like to develop a AI or QC expertise yourself ? We train and educate you based on your specific interests.

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