Mesoscopic Simulations

CEO & Founder

Ursula Maria Mayer

CEO & Founder

Ursula has an in-depth expertise in developing numerical methods, AI algorithms and high-performance computing architectures for various applications in medicine, physics, engineering and network security. She is fascinated by advancing cutting-edge research topics with an interdisciplinary team and introducing them to industry to solve relevant practical issues.

Ursula founded Sciform to support the development of optimal nano/micro-scale medical device and drug designs by providing a novel comprehensive mesoscopic simulation suite as well as scientific consulting services. Prior to Sciform, she co-founded another scientific software company and had several computational and data science positions in industry and academia. Ursula holds a MSc. (hons) in Computational Science from TU M√ľnchen and a MSc. ETH in Civil Engineering from ETH Zurich.

Ursula Maria Mayer, CEO, Sciform

Our Team

We are serial entrepreneurs and experts in biophysics, engineering, computational science, high performance computing and applied mathematics, who are highly dedicated to advance novel numerical approaches and high-performance computing software for meso-scale medical device and drug design.
We work with leading scientists from different fields ranging from bio-medicine up to applied mathematics. In addition, we have a broad network in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.
Sciform is looking for a co-founding Chief Physicist ! If you are interested to contribute to our mission and would like to join us launching our company, we are looking forward to your application ! If you think that you can support us in another way, you can send us your application anyway ! We are always keen to meet the right people !

We are looking for a Chief Physicist !

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