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Quantum Machine Learning Course

We are very happy to announce our new Quantum Machine Learning Course!
This online course is an introductory course about quantum machine learning for data scientist, software engineers and quantum computing enthusiasts based on Qiskit.
Sciform Quantum Machine Learning Course
The enormous progress quantum computing made recently brings it closer and closer to perform useful tasks in industry. Quantum-enhanced machine learning is an emerging area which investigates how quantum computing can boost machine learning. If you are interested to learn about quantum computing and its application to machine learning, then this is the right course for you. All modules consists of theory as well as hands-on programming with Qiskit in Python (Jupyter Notebooks).

Module 1

The first module provides you with the necessary basic know-how in quantum computing starting from scratch. In parallel, you learn how to use Qiskit and how to run your quantum algorithms on the IBM Quantum experience devices.

Module 2

The second module considers specific more advanced quantum algorithms, which build the foundation for quantum machine learning algorithms.

Module 3

In the third and last module, we finally cover quantum neural networks as well as further quantum machine learning algorithms, which are particular suitable for quantum devices.

Stay tuned - more information and registration will come soon!