Mesoscopic Simulations

Our Mesoscopic Simulation Suite

Medical diagnostics and drug design processes are considerably advanced and refined by the development of novel micro- and nano-fluidic medical devices.
Our mesoscopic simulation suite supports our customers form industry and academia to optimize their medical device and drug designs as efficiently as possible.
We introduce with our simulation suite a novel class of a stochastic numerical approaches, which enable for the first time the simulation of very fundamental stochastic phenomena in multi-physics processes on the mesoscopic scale. The state-of-the-art web-interfaced high-performance computing architecture of our simulation suite allows to perform large-scale simulations easily and efficiently.

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Stochasticity on the Mesoscopic Scale

The mesoscopic scale - the spatial range of several [nm] up to a few [mm] - exhibits a variety of unique physical mechanisms. Continuum phenomena, which we usually observe on a macroscopic scale, are still present but the discrete nature of the underlying atoms contribute to the mesoscopic behavior as well.
As a result physical quantities on the mesoscale fluctuate randomly. These stochastic effects in turn significantly influence most physical processes on the mesoscopic scale such as flow, transport, reaction and diffusion. Thermal and finite size fluctuations are essential for a accurate description and simulation of nano- and microfluidic processes for device design as well as drug development based on these meso-scale medical devices.
We are the first to introduce a comprehensive mesoscopic simulation suite dedicated to meso-scale device and drug design ! In comparison to deterministic macroscopic simulation techniques, we introduce fundamental mesoscopic effects to provide you with a more accurate and comprehensive approach. In comparison to molecular dynamics simulations our mesoscopic simulation suite needs only a fraction of the time and can simulate significantly larger domains.

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