Mesoscopic Simulations

Our Mission - Mesoscopic Simulations for Applications in Medical Device and Drug Design

Meso-scale medical device and drug design experiences a tremendous growth as it provides major advances for predictive, preventive and personalized diagnostics and medicine.
We are dedicated to support our customers from industry and academia to develop optimal device and drug designs as efficiently as possible by providing them with a comprehensive mesoscopic simulation suite as well as scientific consulting services.
We are advancing a novel class of stochastic numerical approaches, which enables for the first time the simulation of fundamental stochastic phenomena in multi-physics processes on the mesoscopic scale also in a multi-scale context. In addition, we are committed to make these large-scale simulations easily accessible in our mesoscopic simulation suite by working towards exascale computing techniques and continuously improving our state-of-the-art web-interfaced high-performance computing architecture.

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